Subject: Failure of Modern Physics

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 22:55:20 -0700

From: James DeMeo <>


Having been sent a copy of this email on Failures of Modern Physics, I feel to pass along some information about the M-M experiments which is not widely known.

The M-M experiment is constantly misrepresented in orthodox physics circles, and even by well-meaning critical theorists. The M-M experiment is not the most definitive on the subject, that honor going to Dayton Miller, who factually detected an Earth-entrained dynamic aether, and published on the subject his work covering several decades.

M-M undertook their work with a relatively primitive apparatus as compared to Miller, and they used it for a grand total of only 6 hours of data-taking (only 36 turns of the interferometer). Even so, they did register a SMALL EFFECT, and not the "null" as widely misreported.

Miller, by comparison, used a far more sensitive apparatus, with a total of 12,500 turns of the device over many years. He plotted the net aether-drift at different seasonal epochs, SOMETHING M-M SAID THEY NEEDED TO DO before giving their own work any significance, BUT WHICH IN FACT THEY NEVER DID.

Miller's work was never rebutted scientifically, but was instead subject to silent treatment, and basically ignored until after his death. Then the corpse was mutilated. Basically, there was a disturbing unethical misrepresentation of Miller's data, a political destruction of his work which was undertaken by Shankland, et al, in the same journal which published Miller's original findings (Reviews of Modern Physics).

I have a paper on internet addressing this issue -- Critical Review of the Shankland, et al, Analysis of Dayton Miller's Aether-Drift Experiments -- which also addresses the misrepresenting of M-M and the silence about Miller, which needs to be better known. The editors of Reviews of Modern Physics predictably refused to even accept a review copy of my paper, so deep and ingrained are the prejudices against aether. The article is posted at:

Best wishes to all seekers of truth,

James DeMeo, Ph.D.


PS. If you haven't seen it, read "The Golem" by Collins and Pinch, which points to the premature dismissal of Miller's findings, and similar mirepresentations of Eddington's eclipse observations which claimed support of Einstein over Newton. Seems all the photos which supported Newton were conveniently ignored.



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