Episteme is mostly an on-line publication, but it does produce even printed copies. In order to obtain some of these (about 15$ each), a request should be sent to the editor, at one of the addresses indicated below.

Episteme is interested in publishing papers which illustrate uncommon points of view - that is to say, which do not usually appear in other academical Journals - in Science, History and Philosophy.

Since Episteme is thought of as a multi-linguistic Journal, papers are accepted and possibly published in Deutsch, French, English, Italian, Spanish (etc.?!).

Episteme will communicate to contributors as soon as possible whether submitted papers are in agreement with the Journal's criteria, or not.

Files of the papers, in doc or txt format (please avoid tex!), together with possible illustrations in jpg format, should be sent either by attachment, to:


or by diskette, through ordinary mail, to:

Episteme, Dipartimento di Matematica, Università, 06100 Perugia - Italy.

Episteme can be found at the following websites:


http://www.dipmat.unipg.it/~bartocci .