On the Space-Vortex Structure of Cosmic Bodies

(Paramahamsa Tewari, B. Sc. Engg.)


1. As per the recent recorded data on the solar wind close to the surface of the sun, the wind velocity varied from a minimum of about 380 km/s to the maximum of about 500 km/s, giving an average of 440 km/s [ http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/ ; 48 hours of solar wind data on 10 July 2002]. While the sun rotates axially at a peripheral speed of about 2 km/s at the equator in the plane at right angles to its axis, the reason for so high a wind velocity is briefly explained with the principles of space vortex theory.

René Descartes, the great French philosopher and mathematician, in his Vortex Theory, postulated around the middle of the 17th century that the solar system is a large vortex of ether (space) that he defined to be a "property less" fluid. And in this vortex, the planets were carried along their orbits with no relative motion between them and the surrounding ether. "He firmly denied that the earth moved (relative to the neighboring space medium), and asserted that it was carried along with its water and air in one of those larger motions of the celestial ether which produce the diurnal and annual revolutions of the solar system" [Pioneers of Science; Sir Oliver Lodge; Dover Publications, INC.]. His above concept was powerful enough to protect him against any possible persecution by the church which, unlike Galileo, did not occur. That Descartes was right in his principles is clear from the fact that in addition to the explanation and derivation of the most basic phenomenon of surface gravity of the sun and the planets, the genesis of the solar wind close to the sun's surface can also be computed with the principles of Space Vortex Theory (SVT) which has postulates very similar to the Cartesian Philosophy.

In my paper "On Planetary Motion caused by Solar Space Vortex" [Journal of New Energy, Vol. 3, No. 2/3, August 1998], Kepler's third law was derived, showing that the orbital speed of a planet is inversely proportional to the square root of the distance from the sun's center. If v is the orbital velocity of a planet whose orbit is at a distance r from the sun

v = k / (r)1/2 (1)

where k is a constant of the solar space vortex.

Substituting the known value of the orbital speed of the planet Mercury (it can be any other planet also) and its distance from the sun in (1), k is determined. Now, using this value of k, and substituting in (1) the sun's radius for r, it is calculated in the paper referred above that: v = 436.7 km / s. This shows that in the near hood of the sun's surface, its gaseous matter will be subjected to a maximum average velocity of 436.7 km / s, due to fluid-space circulation around the sun in the solar space vortex. The above computed value is so very close to the recorded data (440 km / s) mentioned above.

The existence of the solar space vortex and the reality of the space-circulation gets proved (in the earlier paper) by deriving the surface gravity of the sun as: gs = v2 / Rs, where v is the space velocity calculated above, Rs is the radius of the sun and gs is its surface gravity. The value of 274 m / s2 obtained through the above calculations is exactly the same as accepted to day.

It is most unlikely that through any other contemporary physical theories so accurate quantitative results and physical explanations revealing the genesis of the solar wind can be had.


2. The Space Vortex Theory deals with the fundamental structural relationship between the universal matter and the space of the universe.

Postulating the medium of space as a nonmaterial fluid, with a limiting flow and rotation when in vortex motion, it is shown that the universal matter cannot exist, or be created, in the absence of a dynamically real (energetic) space, as the only source of primordial energy. A circulating fluid-space creates energy and matter as its own vortices. The following are some essential aspects of this theory.

- The most fundamental state of energy is an accelerating volume of the fluid-space.

- The electron is identified as the only fundamental particle of matter - an irrotational vortex of space with a limiting speed (speed of light relative to the absolute vacuum) of rotation.

- The property of "mass" (introduced in the Newton's laws of motion) of electron is shown to be due to a discontinuity in the energy distribution (field-less-void) in its vortex-structure at the center, rather than due to some kind of densification and continuous distribution of energy at the electron's center, as generally supposed currently. The property of inertia exhibited by matter follows from an "inward acceleration field" from the circulating-space acting towards the electron-center due to the existence of the central void in its structure.

- The most fundamental field is "velocity field" defined as the velocity of a fluid-space-point, when space is in linear or circulating motion. The "charge" and "mass" of electron are shown proportional to the limiting value of this velocity field. The direction of spin in the electron's space–vortex determines the nature of electric charge; positive are negative.

- A "gravitational potential" in space is created with the breakdown of the fluid-space in the electron's vortex-structure during its creation. Thermal radiation (light) from a vibrating atom is caused in space by a time-varying gravitational potential of the atom-only remotely connected with the orbital electrons in the atom as believed today.

- All the universal constants, presently known, have been derived with a single universal constant (speed of light) and the electron radius.

- Surface gravity of the Earth, the Sun and the other planets, has been theoretically derived with a hitherto unknown formula in celestial mechanics.

- A new electrical repulsive force operating between the Sun and the planets that maintains stability of the planets in the solar system has been found. The orbital radii of the planets have been accurately determined with a new equation that uses this electrical repulsive force.

- The constancy of speed of light as measured by different observers in relative motion is supported (special relativity), while time dilation is concluded to be superfluous.

- A serious misconception on the basic nature of light and, consequently, inappropriate use of Planck constant in photoelectric effect and atomic structure, are shown to be the cause that led to the present complexity and incomprehensibility of the quantum physics.

- An unambiguous proof of the operation of the electrical forces of repulsion and attraction among cosmic bodies has been provided recently with the observation of the colliding galaxies; It was predicted that if two galaxies are drawing closer and closer, then this would be due to an electrical attractive force, and for that to exist, the galaxies in question must have opposite directions of their spin.

- A decisive proof of generation of output electrical power more than the input has been achieved in a new system of power generation, thus showing a clear cut violation of the Lenz's law (law of conservation of energy).

If indeed this pair of galaxies are drawing closer, then their spin directions
will be opposite; the attractive force will be electrical (in addition to gravity).
It would be of interest to know precisely the spin directions,
as this will prove the existence of electrical forces too between cosmic bodies.


3. This last comment is concerning the recent press news from NASA on the picture of colliding galaxies (NGC 4676) sent back by the Hubble Space Telescope's new camera.

You can see above a picture enlarged from the NASA website (from http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap990722.html). They are spinning in opposite directions in support of the predictions contained in my article "On Planetary Motion caused by Solar Space Vortex" [Journal of New Energy, Vol.3, No.2/3, Summer/Fall,1998].

[See http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/colliding_galaxies.html for more pictures.]

It was brought out in this article that the planets and the sun, due to their axial spin, will possess electrical charge, and will therefore be subjected to electrical repulsive forces between them. The stability of the planets in the solar system was analyzed taking this new electrical repulsive force into consideration.It was also generalized that all cosmic bodies, includig galaxies, possessing axial spin will have electrical charge. Cosmic bodies with similar direction of spin will repel; whereas, with opposite directions of their spin, will attract electrically. The formula for the quantitative determination of the electrical forces was also given in the article.

It thus follows that the force of attraction between the pair of galaxies reported by NASA, if these are drawing closer and closer, is an electrical attractive force, and the galaxies must necessarily have opposite directions of their spin.

It is added that the modern celestial mechanics takes no account of the electrical forces between the cosmic bodies.

It would be of interest to know if the spins of these galaxies are indeed opposite; that will prove the existence of the new electrical force discussed in my above article.

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