Subject: [Patriarchy] Traditional Kenyan Women Protest at Equality Bill

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 15:25:44 -0000

From: "Jan Deichmohle" <>



Traditional Kenyan Muslim Women Protest at Feminist Bill

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Friday, 10 November, 2000, 14:43 GMT

Kenyan women protest at equality bill

About two-thousand Muslim women have

staged a demonstration in the Kenyan city of

Mombasa to protest at a proposed equality bill

now before the Kenyan parliament.

The women, clad in black, took over the

streets after Friday prayers in a march

organised by an influential group of local

Muslim clerics.

The protestors said they were against the

government's equality bill which aims to bring

greater equality for women and to outlaw

sexual discrimination in the country.

One protestor Mariam Mohammed said that the

place of the women in the Koran was not

negotiable -- it was clear that women must

submit to men, and this should not be changed.

>From the newsroom of the BBC World Service


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