Subject: [Patriarchy] Yemen: Feminist Import Waves in Traditional Culture

Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 12:28:21 -0000

From: "Jan Deichmohle" <>



Yemen: Feminist Import Waves in Traditional Culture

A generation back life in Yemen was mostly still according to

traditions as old as Islam or even older.

Western influence, including NGO's and GO's from Western countries,

including the German GTZ (Society for Technical Cooperation), has been

forcing feminist ideologie since.

People of non-western countries often believe to exclude themselves

from modern world, wealth and the future when hesitating to support

the feminist destruction praised as it would be sacred and taboo.

Indeed, doing otherwise would result in getting no funding, getting

blamed, isolated and morally bashed.

When a stir was caused by a disrupture of tradition reported, you

could bet that Western money, feminist advice and networks were


Yemen is an especial traditional area having an old and strong

culture. It would be a loss for the whole world if these cultures

disappear or are severly distorted by feminism, destroying balance and

the good.

Small steps of resistance as described below will hardly slow down

feminist destruction.

It would have been important to do research on culture before the

feminists were coming.


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>Women Studies Center Drama, Over


> Reliable sources told YT that the Dutch Embassy in Sana'a had

> informed Sana'a University that it was no longer supporting Women

> Studies Center. The center has already faced problems as it aroused

> the issue of gender in an international conference that it

> organized.


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